How technologically advanced is the US military over civilian technology?


My dad was telling me around 20 years, I know there’s not a certain number. I’d believe it too, I mean the invented the SR-71 Blackbird invented in the 60′s, and it looks like it could be used today by th military



dan h

I’m sorry….your question makes no sense.


Its not. The military is paid for by civilian tax dollars. The government contracts civilian corporations to invent products, then they contract manufacturers to build it. Multiple companies will build their version of what the military wants, and the company who can accomplish what the military wants for the cheapest price wins. As a result, generally when you compare something the military uses to the same thing that a private agency uses, the private agency’s product is better because they don’t have to make so many. They can afford the higher production costs because of this. The military will get as much use from a particular product as possible to increase cost effectiveness. This is why there isn’t a new version of the Humvee or F-18 fighter jet every year. It would be much to expensive to produce and purchase.

I should clarify that I am referring to everyday use items in my comment, and speaking in generalities at that. Some things will be more advanced, but the average citizen has no need for a fighter jet, spy plane or tank.

Sir Studley Smugley

The military has different tech needs than does your average guy on the street – so comparisons don’t work very well.

But yes, the SR-71 was waaaay beyond the technology that would have been available to civilians, and that probably still holds true. Google “Skunkworks,” it was a Lockheed-Martin division that came up with the SR-71, U-2, F-22 Raptor, and now the F-35. Some of the technology in the latter would be very secret, years ahead of what a civilian would be able to access, and it’s likely that other components are no more advanced than components in an XBox or Playstation that might be sitting next to your TV.


From what i understand is that most military technology is dated compared to civilians, and it has nothing to do with cost. Just new technology isn’t reliable, until its been out for a few years getting tweaked. You don’t want a gun that jams or a plane that stalls during combat.

Also the military is a major innovator in quite a few fields.

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