Who believes that the sr-71 blackbird has been replaced by a hyper-sonic aircraft called the Aurora?


Does anyone work for the us government that can say what aircraft replaced the sr-71 blackbird



Michael is ninga

I heard of the aurora and its just a rumor but they could if they want to


Its a baseless rumor. Our satellites do far better recon than any aircraft could ever do. There’s just no need.

Andy: you are wrong about satellites. We have many of them in low earth orbit so that we can view a target continuously. And we get the imagery back IMMEDIATELY.


Aurora was a technology demonstrator. HOWEVER, the rapid advances in satellite and strategic UAV technologies (like Global Hawk and Global Observer), have made such an aircraft more expensive to operate than strategic benefit.
BTW, that was why the SR71 was retired in the first place.
But by the tone of your question, you obviously want confirmation of your hypothesis, rather than reading the truth…

Mary Jo's Ghost

I think Aurora was nothing more that an experimental test bed for proof of concept that met with ill fate. I am sure they have something far more advanced now.


Aurora was the project name for what became the B-2. Lockheed had a similar, but smaller bomber competing against the Northrop/Grumman B-2. Have Blue was the name for the future F-117.

In the early 90′s they’re were strange sausage shaped exhaust/contrails over California. That got called the Aurora. The so called replacement for the SR-71.

UAV like the big Global Hawk can do much of the work of the SR-71 with out the speed, but with out risking a highly trained pilot. Satellites can only do so much and are time sensitive a Recon plane or UAV can loiter over an area for hours recording all happenings. UAVs can be used in real time as an eye in the sky.

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